Play estrogen

Today the article is dedicated only to women – modern women do not want to grow old, they want to look good and give birth after 40 or even 45, while being cheerful and maintaining sexual attraction, health and beauty.

Therefore, several tests to determine early signs of a deficiency of sex hormones will be very relevant. The test is called “when to sound the alarm”

Testing for estrogen deficiency:

My hair is thinning on my head
I have wrinkles around my lips
I have saggy breasts
Hair began to grow on my face
I suffer from dry eyes and they irritate quickly.
I get hot flashes sometimes
I feel tired all the time
I am constantly depressed
I have light menstrual flow
My cycle is too short, less than 27 days, or too long – 31 days
Women without a menstrual cycle. I am no longer sexually attracted.

Score: 0 points – never, 1 – very rarely, 2 – moderately, 3 – often, 4 – almost constantly.

Interpretation of the test:

10 points or less – good estrogen levels

10-20 – a lack of estrogen is likely

20 points or more – there is an estrogen deficiency

Testing for progesterone deficiency (can be done on its own, without estrogen deficiency):

I have engorgement of the mammary glands
My family and friends notice my nervous and agitated behavior.
I feel anxious
I have a bad and restless dream
Breasts enlarge and become painful before a cycle.
My lower abdomen is enlarged (under the navel)
I became irritated and aggressive
I’m losing my composure
I have excessively heavy periods
Menstrual cycles are painful
Score: 0 points – never, 1 – very rarely, 2 – moderately, 3 – often, 4 – almost constantly.

Interpretation of the test:

10 points or less – a good level of progesterone,

10-20 – a lack of progesterone is likely,

20 points or more – there is a progesterone deficiency.

Now we look in the mirror: – “My light, mirror, tell me …….”

The eyes shine, the hair is thick and not dry, the oval of the face does not fall, there are no wrinkles around the mouth (the so-called muslin mouth);), the skin has a good turgor and is not dry, without areas of peeling and irritation, there is no dryness and redness of the mucous membrane of the eyes, no periodontal disease , there is no skin hyperpigmentation and facial edema – there is no estrogen / progesterone deficiency.

Mirror test:

Add more points to the number 20 if you have:

wrinkles between the eyebrows +4

gas wrinkles +5

drooping of the upper eyelid +5

“bags under the eyes” +5

crow’s feet +5

lip wrinkles +6

age spots +6

wrinkles around the lips +6

pronounced nasolabial fold +4

double chin +5

neck wrinkles +6

weakened oval of the face +6

total points = the age of your skin, if it is more than your passport age, you have an estrogen deficiency!

The next test, let’s call it the “palmar test” or it is called the “pinch test”:

On the back of your hand (outer side, where the nails are), gather the skin for a few seconds into a fold, applying pressure, see how many seconds the fold of skin will straighten out.

normally, without estrogen deficiency, the fold straightens immediately – it means you and your skin are 25-30 years old
the fold straightened out in 5 seconds – you are 30-40 physically
the fold straightened out in 8 seconds – you are from 40-50 physically
the fold straightened out in 8 or more seconds – you are physically over 50 years old.
And another very intimate test for estrogen deficiency is the determination of estrogen deficiency in the vagina using the pH strip test)

The essence of the test: the test strip is inserted into the vagina for a few minutes, then the color of the strip is compared with the indicators on the tube (if the pH value, the acidity falls below the neutral level, towards the acidic level, there is a likelihood of estrogen deficiency). Clinically, this is expressed by dryness of the vulva, increased frequency of cystitis and their recurrence. In addition, this method is good for evaluating therapy with external estrogens, if the pH is not normalized – the dose of administered estrogens is insufficient !!!

How estrogen deficiency is assessed in the laboratory:

the level of sex hormones is surrendered at 2-3 days of the beginning of the cycle: estradiol, FSH and LH.

But now there are more advanced methods for diagnosing estrogen deficiency by chromatography and mass spectrometry.

In the blood or saliva (which is even more preferable), such a complex method allows you to evaluate and compare the entire profile of sex steroid hormones and draw the right conclusions.
Estrogens: estradiol, estrone and estriol in the blood / or estrogen metabolites, calculation of ratios: 16a-OHE1, 2-OHE2, 2-OHE1, 2-OMeE1, 4-OMeE2, 4-OHE1 – in urine.
Androgens, glucocorticoids, progestogens and their metabolites (12 indicators): cortisone, cortisol, corticosterone, progesterone, 21-deoxycortisol, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, 21-hydroxyprogesterone, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone, androstenedione 17-OH-11-pregnisol-deshenedione in the blood.